Osmeña warns ‘epal’ pols

Osmeña warns ‘epal’ pols

(The Freeman) – January 12, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  Epal political candidates, beware.


Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña has warned politicians from circulating or putting up campaign paraphernalia such as tarpaulins during Sinulog, saying the city government will tear down such materials.

As many politicians are expected to join the celebration, Osmeña said they should understand that Sinulog is not a political event.

“I’m giving instructions that all of these karatola, you know, mga ‘Imee Marcos welcomes the Cebuanos,’ akong tangtangon. Dili na personalan. Basta any senator tries to project something, we will remove,” he told reporters.

The mayor said there are already politicians and some senatorial candidates who have expressed desire to join in the festivities.

Osmeña said he did not even invite his own brother, Serge Osmeña III, who is running for senator in the May elections.

“I did not even ask him to come. Because I think, it’s not in good taste nga gi-take advantage gyud si Tomas. But if he wants to come, we will accommodate. But we will not politicize any of it. No one is allowed to speak, except the president because he is the president,” he said.

Osmeña, however, said he understands that these politicians are interested to come and join the celebration because it’s election time and that they want to get the attention of thousands of people inside the Cebu City Sports Center.

City Councilor David Tumulak, chairman of Sinulog Foundation Inc.-Executive Committee, had already said there will be no speeches from any politicians during the Sinulog Grand Parade program on January 20.

Only President Rodrigo Duterte is allowed to deliver speech inside the CCSC, he said.

However, Duterte, through the Office of the Appointments Secretary of the Office of the President, declined the invitation of Tumulak because of the president’s tight schedule and prior engagements.

“Follow gyud ta sa kamandoan sa atong mayor nga wala gyud untay magbutang og tarpaulins,” Tumulak said.

Tumulak said the SFI has also formed a group of employees assigned to tear down tarpaulins that are not related to Sinulog activities, like election paraphernalia.

With this, he urged all politicians to abide by the rules that politics has no place for this celebration.

“Aron dili nalang magubot nga manangtang og mga campaign materials, labi na sa Sinulog parade route, dili nalang pod unta sila mamutang og mga tarpaulins (So we do not have to go through the hassle of dismantling the campaign materials, we hope politicians won’t just put them up),” Tumulak said. — JMD (FREEMAN)



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