Cop shot in front of wife: Garbo’s ex-aide killed in Pit-os

Cop shot in front of wife: Garbo’s ex-aide killed in Pit-os

Mae Clydyl L. Avila (The Freeman) – December 24, 2018 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — A 42-year-old cop was shot dead in front of his wife as the two were heading to church for dawn mass in Barangay Pit-os, Cebu City yesterday.

The victim was identified as PO2 Romeo Jumalon who lived just a few meters from the crime scene in Sitio Sentro. He succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds.

Senior Insp. Alvin Llamedo of the Talamban Police Station said four suspects opened fire at Jumalon as the victim was checking the engine of his Toyota Corona.

Llamedo said Jumalon’s wife saw the suspects alight from a grey Toyota Vios shot her husband. Jumalon reportedly tried to run but did not make it far because of his wounds.

He passed away about two meters from the car.

The suspects then sped away toward Talamban proper.

Llamedo said it appeared that the suspects were interested only in the policeman because they did not harm his wife who was seated in the vehicle.

“Ang namatyan niya multiple gunshot wounds, then mao ra to, paghuman tira, ni-diretso tira going to Talamban proper. Padung ni siya ukab sa hood, kay ang sa crime scene nahagba siya usa or duha ka dupa gikan sa iya awto, niya pagtunga sa upat, may tendency nga plano unta daw mudagan mao nadistansya gamay,” Llamedo said.

Initial investigation by the Talamban Police revealed that Jumalon was dropped from service in 2012 for absence without official leave. He was reinstated in 2016.


Llamedo said they are eyeing personal grudge as motive, considering Jumalon’s former assignment as an anti-drug cop at the Cebu City Police Office.

Jumalon was assigned last at the headquarters of the Police Regional Office – 7 as a base cop.

“Sigon sa nahibaw-an namo, in 2011, he worked as a drug operative for CIB, and most sa iya assignment. Diri pa ta focused sa iya work as a police officer, and we cannot discount possibilities of his involvement in illegal activities,” Llamedo said.

The police received reports that Jumalon worked under an alleged “narco-general” and with retired General Marcelo Garbo Jr. as driver and personal aide. They also received reports that Jumalon frequented casinos in 2016.

In the absence of witnesses, Llamedo said they will try to secure copies of recording from closed circuit television cameras near the area of the crime. (FREEMAN)


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