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We are 3 days away from the MOST AWAITED and BIGGE…

We are 3 days away from the MOST AWAITED and BIGGEST Christmas production of Living Word entitled – Hosanna : A Christmas Celebration.

We’re inviting you to join us for an EVENING of live music and a RETELLING of Old & New Testament stories – a NIGHT to CELEBRATE the reason of the Christmas season.

We will be STAGING two shows on December 7 and 8. Join us on either of these dates at 7:30pm. You may still purchase your tickets on-site.

We hope to see all of you!

INVITE all your friends and loved ones!

Hosanna will be a special event you wouldn’t want to miss!



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  1. Can we purchase during office hours? What time?

  2. I want to purchase 4 tickets tomorrow? What time is the office hour. Or is it ok if we purchase ticket on site on Saturday?

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