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Samsam to run for Talisay mayor

Samsam to run for Talisay mayor

Gabriel C. Bonjoc (The Freeman) – March 17, 2018 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Talisay City Mayor Eduardo Gullas announced yesterday that his grandson, current First District Rep. Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas, will run for mayor in next year’s local elections to take his place as the city’s chief executive.

Gullas who is turning 89 this year said he wants to return to the House of Representatives for one term before he bows out of public service.

“Usa ra man sab ka term. Human nako sa Congress, I’m definitely bowing out of service,” said the father of Alayon Party, the group of the current officials of Talisay.

He said he has yet to convince Vice Mayor Alan Bucao to be Gerald’s running mate if only to keep the party intact.

Gullas admits that if Bucao really wants to run of mayor and declines the tandem with Gerald, he may be able to influence other party members to go with him, which will weaken Alayon.

Gullas said they are also eyeing Councilor Richard Francis Aznar to run for vice mayor in the event Bucao would really want the mayorship next year.

Gullas said the request for Bucao to extend his term as vice mayor is only for one term, which is equivalent to three years, and he can run for mayor once Gerald returns to Congress in 2022.

Bucao did not address the issue categorically but said he has a “quite good” relationship with Gullas and he enjoys presiding over the City Council as vice mayor.

He admitted, though, that he also has other political ambitions.

“Ako, naa man sab ko’y ambisyon. Ang maestra gani ang ambisyon ana mahimo gyud nga principal, pero layo pa kaayo ang eleksyon… dili lang una ta mag-estorya ana. Daghan pa ang mahitabo,” Bucao said. — JMO (FREEMAN)


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