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Apas BMO uses logo of city to solicit for Sinulog contingent


PERSONNEL of the barangay mayor’s office (BMO) in Barangay Apas, Cebu City are asking some business owners to sponsor their contingent for the Sinulog Grand Parade.

Barangay Captain Ramil Ayuman said he received the complaints about the solicitation at the barangay hall.

“This businessman showed us his approved business permit. He told us there were personnel from the barangay who went to him and gave the solicitation letter and told him about the business permit. The businessman thought that the person who gave the letter was from the barangay, but he is not, he is part of the BMO,” Ayuman said.

A copy of the solicitation letter posted by Ayuman in his Facebook account showed that it was signed by Rey Suelto, contingent head, and Ma. Teresa Verzosa, marketing head of dthe BMO Sinulog committee.

In the letter, which bears the logo of the City Government, they asked for a maximum of P1 million and a minimum of P100,000 to sponsor the Apas contingent.

“For CY 2018 Sinulog celebrations, Barangay Apas will participate in the dance competition through its BMO along with the volunteer dancers from Apas National High School, a consistent winning contingent during the previous Sinulog…,” a portion of the letter read.

“Every day is precious in the preparation for this event considering the huge requirements needed to support it. We just hope and pray that as we started it and move on we will meet people along the way with a generous heart to help us fulfill what we want to attain for this noble program,” it added.

Ayuman said he doesn’t care if the BMO wants to raise funds, but he just wants to clarify that the barangay has nothing to do with it.

However, he did question the BMO’s authority to solicit and its use of the City Government logo.

Ayuman said he is already consulting his lawyers as to what he can file against the BMO personnel before the Department of Interior and Local Government 7 and other proper courts.

Meanwhile, Suelto said he wasn’t aware that there was anything wrong with using the City Government logo.

He said they solicited money because they lack funds for their contingent.

Councilor Jocelyn Pesquera, for her part, said it is improper for the BMO personnel to use the City Government logo in their solicitation letter since they are not authorized to do it.

If it is proven that the BMO personnel are also city employees, Pesquera said they can be charged with violating Republic Act 6713, or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard for Public Officials and Employees.


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