CEBU, Philippines — Following heated argument, a 59-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach by his brother-in-law in Purok Uno, Barangay Cambinocot, Cebu City last Friday night.

Victim, Simfronio Seronobis, was rushed to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSCMMC) and underwent an operation to close off the stab wound on his stomach.

Initial investigation by the Cebu City Police Office Homicide Section revealed that the suspect, identified as Neil Mendaros, 36, was provoked when Seronobis asked him for money as payment for a cellphone loaned from the latter.

Allegedly, Mendaros loaned a cellphone from Seronobis and has not paid for it at all.

Police Officer 3 Geoffrey Gutual said Mendaros and Seronobis were having a drinking spree with a group of friends when the Seronobis suddenly brought up the issue of the unpaid cellphone.

The discussion quickly escalated into a heated argument, and out of provocation,  then Mendaros grabbed a bladed weapon and stabbed Seronobis.

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The victim collapsed to the ground. The family called for medical assistance and Seronobis was brought to VSMMC and was immediately taken in to surgery.

Mendaros ran away after the incident, destination unknown.

Gutual said that based on their investigation, both parties had a history of “luod-luod” but it has never escalated to the extent of one of them stabbing the other.

He said that the suspect must have been provoked after the victim asked for the money.

“Nasuko kay gipaningil sa utang , utang sa cellphone,” Gutual said.

He added that liquor must have also been one of the factors which led the suspect to stab the victim.

According to Gutual, Mendaros did not have any records of misconduct in the barangay.

Seronobis is now recovering from the operation while police are still conducting hot pursuit operations against Mendaros. —/JBB (FREEMAN)



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