Putting the Super in super models

WHAT urged him more than his personal interest in fashion into forming his own modeling agency is his passion of putting up a system that works for everyone in the entire fashion industry. “About 20 years ago, Cebu wasn’t like this. I saw fashion shows wherein majority of the models came from Manila, with of course, the Manila and local designers. I was told by one of my designer friends to why not come up with a modeling agency of my own so we don’t need to import models from Manila,” Chicoy shared. He considered it as a great idea at that time and eventually, Chicoy was able to create his own agency.

Chicoy found the need for quality models and putting up his modeling agency was deep-rooted in this notion. Since then, Chicoy was able to establish an organized system and has produced the most sought-after talents in the modeling scene. With about 30 runway models and 10 print models in his roster, all of whom are considered Cebu’s top models, M.A.C. has gained the trust of most Cebuano designers and major establishments. Chicoy even received praise from the great director Jackie Aquino for producing local models that are at par with Manila’s best—proving that quality models can most certainly be found all over the country.

Setting the bar high for this industry, M.A.C. is the first legitimate modeling agency operating in Cebu since 2004.

“I’m proud to say that we professionalized the modeling scene in Cebu together with my business partner, Roger Alferez. M.A.C. is not like some ho-hum group that just formed, but we are a legitimate modeling agency,” Chicoy said.

Being at the forefront of the local modeling scene, M.A.C. has built its brand synonymous to the word professionalism. Chicoy boasts of his models coming on time and prepared—showing up well-dressed and well-groomed in every event. “The name of the game is professionalism. We never disappoint clients especially in the modeling industry since these clients are very visual. Roger and I take pride in our models being professional. We’re expensive because it’s worth every cent spent on our models,” Chicoy stated.

The operative word for M.A.C. is professionalism and professional. World-class models aren’t made overnight. Every new model, is required to undergo a modeling workshop that lasts for 10 sessions. “Recently, our trainer was no less than Supermodel of the World Philippines winner Marjay Ramirez. We were impressed because she really gave time to train the models,” Chicoy shared. Marjay and Chicoy train the models on the runway side while Roger trains the models on the professional side.

The competitive nature of the industry requires the agency to always be on top of its game. “I think Roger and I would agree that it is not because we are friends with the designers and clients, but it is because our models can deliver and we see to that every time. More than the money we get, we are very hands-on modeling agents,” Chicoy explained. Aside from around 20 modeling agencies in Cebu at present, M.A.C. is the only legitimate agency supporting Sto. Niño Children’s Center in Liloan, Cebu and Seven Sisters House of Mercy, Home for the Elderly in Talisay, Cebu.

“We’re not just here for the money. We aim to give back to the community through our charity work,” Chicoy shared. In the absence of flashing lights, runway music, sophisticated clothes, and eye-catching makeup—one would not only see a fashion model but a role model as well in every scope of the word.

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