GRACE PROVIDED Today’s Scripture: Romans 6:14 “Yo…


Today’s Scripture: Romans 6:14
“You are . . . under grace.”

Romans 12:1 and 6:13 are parallel passages; in both, Paul called on us to offer our bodies to God in the pursuit of holiness. But the context of Romans 6:13—”Present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and your members to God as instruments for righteousness”—is the assurance of God’s enablement to carry out that commitment. In verse 11 we’re urged to count ourselves dead to the dominion of sin and alive to the enabling power of God. In verse 14, Paul assured us that sin shall not be our master since we “are not under law but under grace.” God not only asks us to commit ourselves to the pursuit of holiness, but provides the grace to enable us to do it.

In this setting, grace refers to God’s divine enablement through the power of his Spirit. So whether it’s viewed as God’s undeserved favor as we would understand it in Romans 12:1, or as God’s divine enablement as we should understand it in the context of Romans 6:13, grace is the basis for our commitment to the pursuit of holiness.

An all-out, unreserved, nothing-held-back commitment to the pursuit of holiness may be exhausting, but it will not be oppressive if it’s grounded in grace. But to be grounded in grace, it must be continually referred back to the Gospel. So don’t just preach the Gospel to yourself every day merely to experience the cleansing of your conscience. You certainly need to do so for that reason. But as you do, reaffirm your commitment to God as a response of love and gratitude. And do so in reliance on his Spirit that by his grace he will enable you to carry out your commitment. (Excerpt taken from The Discipline of Grace)

Source: Your Holiness Day by Day | A Devotional by Jerry Bridges


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