LAST Feb. 23, the challenge was accepted that if Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña could sell a 45-ha. lot in the South Road Properties (SRP) at P110,000 per sq.m., Presidential Asstistant for the Visayas Michael Dino would resign.

With the authorization given by the now BOPK-controlled City Council for the mayor to sell at least three hectares of land at not less than the vaunted price, how would that affect the reported Tomas-Dino bet?

Not anymore. The bet was off one month after Feb. 23. Besides, the conditions also included:

— The sale of the entire 45-ha. lot, not just three hectares;

— The buyer must only be one investor.

That torrid wife

The story about a wife who surprised her husband, an SPO4 policeman who was allegedly on bed with another woman in a room of his police station, and poured boiling water on his crotch didn’t say the extent of the damage on the man’s genitals. It was apparently a case of intentional mutilation as she directed the water at his private parts.

The recent Cebu incident is not new. Elsewhere in the world, the hot water is at times the weapon of choice of women cheated on by their husbands.

Pamatong suspension

You know why Ely Pamatong, who President Rodrigo Duterte says is a pretender to his office, was suspended by the Supreme Court as a lawyer? In a motion filed before a judge, Pamatong said: “In my 30 years of law practice, I never encountered a judge as corrupt as you are…You are a disgrace to the justice system.”

The two-year suspension took effect from the finality of the ruling, which the SC announced last June 14, 2016. He’s still suspended. Wouldn’t that disqualify him as claimant to the presidency?



Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on June 30, 2017.

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