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PRO-7 takes on Bato’s weight loss challenge

CEBU, Philippines – Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO-7) welcomes the weight loss challenge issued by Philippine National Police Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa three days ago, saying that fitness and health are promoters of good performance at work.

“Mission:Slim Possible” requires all policemen to lose weight and to contribute to the total PNP goal of losing more than 200,000 kilograms in six months.

If police officers refuse to achieve the desired weight and waistline, they will have to face the consequences of being transferred to Marawi City as enforcement troops in the ongoing clash with rebel forces.

 Regional Director Noli Taliño cascaded a directive to police stations under PRO-7 to participate in the health initiative, pointing out that not all police officers are physically fit and can be one of the drawbacks during field work.

 “May program yan, at ibaba natin yun hanggang sa police station para sumama tayo duon sa target ng PNP. Ito-total yan kung ilan ang mababawas ng bawat pulis natin, especially yung medyo malulusog,” Talino said.

 Taliño added that they will be inviting health experts to talk about desired body mass index. He said that once experts can relay helpful tips for losing weight, the PRO-7 will fully implement the weight-loss program.

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 “The program will make them good looking, no big tummy.  It will make them fit to go after criminals. (A) healthy body will always have a sound mind that will make them work good also,” Taliño said.

 Police Director Augusto Marquez Jr. from Camp Crame said the challenge is not impossible to achieve.

 “Kaya yan, nagbuhat mi ana sa una. Ang ingun sa health service, kanang imong BMI (body mass index) should be dependent on your height and your waistline,” Marquez said.

 Marquez said the challenge now is on how to balance and incorporate proper diet and regular exercise to the daily work routine of police officers.

 “I admit ako gani, kinahanglan mu-lose og weight. It is not an excuse but desk job man gud didto (Crame), we have the time. Kinahanglan i-manage nila ang ilang pagtrabaho ug ang ilang pag exercise,” Marquez said. (FREEMAN)

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