What kind of traveler are you?

GONE are the days when only a handful of people have the luxury to travel. Now, virtually everyone is gaily and merrily hopping on a plane (ship, bus or car!) to explore different parts of the globe – as evidenced by the never-ending stream of vacation selfies and wefies in your Facebook wall and Instagram feed.

Thanks to promo fares and discounted rates, you can now fulfill your fantasy of going around the world, one country at a time!

With the many trips you’ve taken (and the future ones lined-up), have you ever wondered what kind of traveler you are? Answer these simple questions and find out!

When I’m invited to go on a trip, my standard reply is…
• I need to thoroughly research about the destination, make an excel comparison grid of the airline and hotel rates and even the tour options. Give me at least six months to organize everything.
• Which country are we off to? Just give me a month or so to prepare and I’m all set.
• Out of the country trip? I’m game! Wherever, whenever!

When finalizing the itinerary for a trip, it is important for me to…
• Plan every single minute of the trip – the ETDs, ETAs, wake up calls, meal schedule even the toilet breaks!
• Take note of all the musts (must-see, must-visit, must-eat) and prepare a daily schedule but leave behind a free day for unplanned activities or to just enjoy some “me” time.
• Itinerary? What itinerary? I’ll go where the wind blows!

When packing, I usually…
• Start weeks in advance and make sure that I have a chart of all my OOTDs (and spare outfits!) for the entire trip so I won’t leave anything behind.
• Have my suitcase ready, with an set of extra clothes, a few days before the trip.
• Pack whatever I find inside my closet the night before my flight. If I forget anything, I’ll just buy it wherever I’m going. Surely, there’s a convenience store out there somewhere!

When going to the airport on the day of my trip, I make sure that…
• I’m first in line at the check-in counter – at least 4 hours before the flight (3 hours for local trips). I don’t mind waiting as long as I know there is no chance that I’ll miss my flight.
• I’ll check-in online but ensure that I have more enough time to spare for the bag drop and immigration queue.
• I have a 10 minute window to sprint through check-in and immigration. Hey, I trust waze to get me to the airport on time.

When something goes awry during the trip, my knee jerk reaction is…
• Panic and pull my hair out of its roots! This can’t happen! My whole itinerary will be ruined!
• Sit down, relax and take a minute to think things through. Then adjust my plans accordingly.
• Smile and just enjoy every moment. This will definitely make my vacation more memorable!

If you answered…

Mostly 1s – You are a Type A Traveler. You like (more like mandate!) every detail of your trip to be meticulously researched, planned and followed to a tee. Time is of the essence and every single minute counts!

Mostly 2s – You are a Practical Traveler. You enjoy the stability and comfort of a well-planned trip but you also don’t mind mixing it up and enjoying unscheduled (and sometimes accidental) activities. You know how to have fun when it counts!

Mostly 3s – You are a Free Spirited Traveler. Your motto is strike anywhere and you don’t mind roughing it. You look forward to different adventures (the more exciting, the better!) and don’t mind leaving everything to fate simply because c’est la vie!

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