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The Foundations of a Christian Life

Mark 12:18-24
18 And there come unto him Sadducees, who say that there is no resurrection; and they asked him, saying,
19 Teacher, Moses wrote unto us, If a man’s brother die, and leave a wife behind him, and leave no child, that his brother should take his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother.
20 There were seven brethren: and the first took a wife, and dying left no seed;
21 and the second took her, and died, leaving no seed behind him; and the third likewise:
22 and the seven left no seed. Last of all the woman also died.
23 In the resurrection whose wife shall she be of them? for the seven had her to wife.
24 Jesus said unto them, Is it not for this cause that ye err, that ye know not the scriptures, nor the power of God?

Source: Living Word Christian Ministry.

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