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GLITTERATI sightings at SM Northwing

Cebu’s top society had come together to witness a fashion show featuring young Cebu personalities headed by Penshoppe endorser Annette Osmeña together with Amanda Darza, Kimberly Lofgren, Jade Hoksbergen, Amanda Booth, Izarra Ugarte, Angeli Gomez, Nika Miranda, Mark Lotzof, Symon Tiansay, Mucho Garcia, Jeff Schaap and Tom Booth.

Guests include Arcy Gayatin, Philip Rodriguez, Margaret Lhuillier, Chris Aldeguer, Albert Arriba, just to name a few.
This Cebu event is organized by A~List Events, PR & Advertising.

Special thanks to:

  • Jamie Zanoria & Cybill Gayatin of A-List Events for inviting CebuCentral.

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