Tweakz n’ Reverbz, Cebu’s pop rock band release it’s debut album
“The Expressions: Acoustic Version” under Rockerzz501 Records.
The album release date is March 11,2006.The album
is first available in Cebu where the artists grew up.

“The Expressions: Acoustic Version” is a 12-track album. Tweakz n’
Reverbz guitarists/songwriter, Emerson R. Maningo wrote and produced the
album. He is also the founder of Rockerzz501 Records. It takes five
months to release the album since its recording day at A.Salongga
Recording Studio Cebu. The artist themselves mastered and remixes the
album. Maria Jeanine S. Maningo performs all vocal tracks of the album.
The album sound is a combination of acoustic guitar, piano/synthesizer
and vocals.

The album has been reviewed by Armor/The Freeman Cebu newspaper last March
20, 2006.Below are the main review about their album:
“Emerson songwriting skills and Jeanine duplicating an Alison Krauss and a
Leigh Nash singing style propels the album almost meditative ambiance…” The
Freeman Newspaper Cebu /Armor

“Tweakz n’ Reverbz have the passion and the guts and they crafted songs that go
well with a morning coffee session.”- The Freeman Newspaper Cebu /Armor

The album first single “Sure” was featured on, an
international website of recording artists. It was able to hit #1 spot and stay
consistently in the top ten places of its Weekly Top 40 charts from January
2006 until these days.

The album is available for sale at Kahayag Cafe Cebu at 250 pesos. You can
visit Tweakz n’ Reverbz website for album soundclips and more band information:

Please support Tweakz n’ Reverbz in promoting their debut record “The
Expressions: Acoustic Versions” here in Cebu.

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