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Internet Birthday Party

Internet Birthday Party

Newest gimmick in Cebu: Internet Bday Party

When Philip Florido celebrated his 9th birthday recently, her mother arranged for an internet party, and boy, did he and his friends have fun.

What is an internet party? Instead of the usual restaurant or burger houses, a birthday party is held in an internet cafe. In the case of Philip’s mother, she visited Jungle Rose which is becoming known as the most beautiful internet cafe in Cebu.

Philip and his friends had an exclusive party set in the ambience of the first and only jungle-themed internet cafe in the world. A party menu was served, and the exquisite water fountain in the middle of Jungle Rose provided a lovely home to the “Happy Birthday Philip” banner. The girls surfed the net while the boys played internet games against each other. Because of the jungle ambience, Philip’s party gifts consisted of wild animal stuffed toys.

Since Philip’s father is in California, his father was able to share the joy and happiness of his son. How? Jungle Rose used its own digital camera to take 100 photos and uploaded it to a blogspot while the party was going on, with no additional cost.

There were a few problems though: The girls could not stop drinking the bottomless hot chocolate, and the boys wouldn’t want to go home. After all, with unlimited drinks, unlimited internet, superfast DSL, sexy LCD monitors, supercool aircons, and cozy jungle ambience, who would want to end the party?

Jungle Rose
2/F, The Forum, Archbishop Reyes Ave.
Tel: 231- 5860

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