Sinulog 2006

Sinulog 2006

One Beat!
 Once Dance!
  One Vision!

The annually anticipated Cebuano celebration called Sinulog once more unfolds before your very eyes.

The city is in frenzy… you see people flock to the Basilica Minore to pay tribute to the child God. Business is bomming — vendors of food, Cebuano delicacies, and souvenir items line the pedestrians. You got no choice but to enjoy the festivity and the chaos and revelry that comes with it.

– stuff your backup with something to munch and drink te whole day
– be prepared to W-A-L-K
– wear your most comfortable clothes
– a hat, sunglasses is a must
– keep you cash in check
– don’t forget to bring your camera

For more info, call the Sinulog Foundation at (032) 255-3700 and (032) 254-5010

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