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The 2005 Southeast Asian Games

One major reason for the hosting of the 2005 Southeast Asian Games is the added boost the event can give the Cebu tourism industry and the opportunity to project an image as a perfect venue for investment aside from experiencing the biggest sporting spectacle to hit the country.

The SEA Games will be a good opportunity to boost Cebu as a perfect destination. With our hosting of at least six from out of the total 34 events to be contested in the Games, we expect about 1,200 official delegates from the ten-nation federation, not to mention their families and guests.

Nearly a thousand international media people from both print and broadcast will be in the country, and some of them will be covering Cebu’s hosting of the Games, to see for themselves that Cebu is a worthwhile and attractive destination whether for business or leisure.

This image will be projected in the living rooms of people and newspapers all over the world as video footage and pictures of the games, the venues and the surrounding locality are transmitted abroad.

Foreign guests will likewise have the opportunity to experience Cebuano culture, warmth and hospitality first-hand, hopefully leading them to spread the news back in their home countries through word of mouth.

More importantly, the Cebuano people will be treated to the biggest sporting event in this side of the world. For ten days or more, we will inculcate to the Cebuanos the spirit of teamwork, hardwork and the rewards that goes with them. Aside from being mere spectators, thousand of Cebuanos can directly participate by inciting the spirit of volunteerism.

It is also in sports where all public servants can show unity. For these and other reasons, the SEA Games is definitely a welcome event.

From the official Cebu Sea Games website

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