Lexmark Bags PCCI E3 Award

Lexmark Bags PCCI  E3  Award

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. gave honor to Lexmark Int’l. (Phils.) Inc. for the E3 (Excellence in Ecology and Economy) Award for its most outstanding innovative environmental programs during the recently concluded 31st Philippine Business Conference & Exhibition (PBC & E) held at the Manila Hotel.

Lexmark was recognized for having been demonstrated innovative programs resulting to environment-friendly business operations and for taking an active role in the promotion of environmental consciousness, preservations and improvement initiative in the locality geared towards sustainable benefits not only to the company but to the community as well.

Awards Criteria includes Business and Environment Gains, Quality of Management that includes Leadership, governance and purpose, Resources, Management Process and Communication & dialogue. The Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. would like to congratulate Lexmark Int’l. (Phils.) Inc. for winning the E3 Award & also to Mactan Rock Industries, Inc. as one of the finalists during the awarding ceremonies were both member companies was being nominated by CCCI for the E3 award. Lexmark Int’l. (Phils.) Inc. was also awarded for Business Environment Award during the 2003 Grand Chamber Awards and at the same time recognized by CCCI in coordination with ECOP as the 3 Star Child Friendly Firm Awardee.

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    The best of E3 Expo 2010 nominees are out. Who are your picks?

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